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Certified Post Rehabilitation Specialist

What is a Certified Post Rehabilitation Specialist (CPRS)? A Post Rehabilitation Specialist is an advanced fitness professional who truly understands the functional anatomy and biomechanics behind both everyday and sport movement.


A CPRS completely understands the joint mechanics, connective tissue, and muscles required with movement and has a solid understanding of biomechanical analysis of prime movements, such as; squat, lunge, diagonal forward, and reverse lunge, recognizing normal vs. abnormal movement patterns. Understands how to assess, correct, and apply this knowledge with research, to design effective programs based on the principles of Periodization Training and Tudor Bompa. Understands the weak links in the body and common movement dysfunctions affecting the neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, and special populations. A CPRS understands the foundation science, assessments, and application science behind human movement. Therefore, is truly an advanced fitness professional who can work with any client helping them achieve optimal health and fitness goals.

How to Become a CPRS

Step 1: Purchase all 10 home study courses

Step 2: Review course  Understanding Human Movement and proceed through
each course respectively.

Step 3: When ready to take the online comprehensive examination(125 m/c questions)

contact PTCS to take your examination (see examination information below)

Step 4: Then set up a time for the oral and practical examination.

When you purchase you will be taken to Teachable LMS (our learning management system). You will create a username (email address) and you will need to
create a password
that will give you continued access to your account so you can purchase and engage in your courses and testing.

Videos can be accessed only when a course is purchased.

To access videos: 

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Click log in in right hand corner

Step 3. Enter email and password that was used for purchase

Step 4. Click on course that you want to view

NOTE: You need to watch the entire video before accessing the next video.

Steps to take your online CPRS Examination:

1. Please contact PTCS via email at, when you are interested in taking the respective examination that pertains to the course that you purchased.
2. PTCS will invite you (via an email) to appear in the test for which the course you have purchased.
3. You will need to follow the instruction and click on to the “Click here” link / “Test link”.
4. You will need to fill & submit all the required fields of registration form. Fields are like; First Name, Last Name, Username, Password, Country & Time zone.
Note: Please make a note of the username and password. You will need this information to login and take the examination.
5. System will take you to the Dashboard of PTCS online examination.
6. You will find the CPRS Examination in your dashboard. Which has been assigned by PTCS (via inviting you through an email).
7. You will need to start your assigned test by clicking on to the “Take test now” link.
8. “Take test now” link will take you to the page which provide you test information and disclaimers.
9. You will need to click “Start Now” button to start your test.
10. Your test will get started, you can view questions and possible answers on test window along with the Next, Previous & Finish button.
11. Finish button will activate on the last question of your tests, you will need to mark answers for all the questions to finish your test.
12. After finishing the test, you can view your score in “My report” section.
13. Once you have completed the examination, PTCS will automatically receive your exam results.
14. Once PTCS receives your score, we will email you with your results and/or CPRS certificate within 24-72 hrs respectively.

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