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This course was designed to teach the foundation of therapeutic exercises on common medical conditions. To justify when prescribing any exercise, and when to recognize to modify or progress based on science. To interpret the difference between an open-chain movement vs. closed chain movements and be able to apply the principles of specificity and overload principle with the post-rehabilitation client. To define the four key training variables, or FITT principle (Frequency; Intensity, time, type. Finally, to be able to explain the four phases of a therapeutic exercise program, including the goals of these phases and methodology of implementation.


Course outline:

Chapter 1: Principles of Therapeutic Exercise

Chapter 2: Foundation of Therapeutic Exercise

Chapter 3: Aerobic Metabolism: Exercise Physiology Review

Practice examination

CEU Information

ACE 3.5 CEUs for all 10 courses


NASM 1.9 CEUs for all 10 courses

NATA-BOC 12 CEUs for all 10 courses

NCEP 2.0 for each course

NFPT .4 for each course

NSCA 1.9 for all 10 courses

NSPA .2 for each course

Foundation Of Exercise And Exercise Prescription

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