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CPRS Testimonials


Valerie  Swaskoski, CPRS, CPT Video Testimonial 5/25/22nd edit me. It's easy.


I took the CPRS course during COVID and learned so much about how to analyze client's movement patterns and develop effective programs for after physical therapy. This course has provided me with the knowledge and resources to put into use and develop my own post-rehab program that I use with clients and am marketing to physical therapy clinics for partnerships and to their patients. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who works with or is looking to work with clients after physical therapy or rehabilitation. It's knowledge has increased my value as a personal trainer and my client's experience with me, as well as my marketability, 


Isabel Skarzynski, CPRS

Owner - IzzyFit Training LLC


The CPRS course is, hands down, the best Continuing Education Course I have taken so far through IDEA and worth every penny.  There is no easy way around this course and passing the 125 question exam at the end is extremely satisfying.  Get ready to commit a great deal of time to learning the information but it is so helpful if you work with people who need rehabilitation on some level.  Chris went to great lengths to ensure his vision of a “super trainer” would be met when he developed this course and I feel more qualified to work with special populations than I did before.  

Michelle Miller, CPT, CPRS





The Post Rehabilitation Specialist certification was a great review of what I learned in the physical therapy assistant program. I think the content was well thought out and extensive enough for any personal/ athletic trainer or physical therapy technician who want to expand their knowledge in the rehabilitation field. The chapters come with pictures, were easy to download and have post-chapter quizzes in addition to video lectures. My advise to future Post Rehabilitation Specialists will be prepared to study and give yourself plenty of time to read/understand the

material. I would highly recommend this certification to all personal trainers.

Trinity Wilson, PTA, LMT, CPT, CPRS

“The Certified Post-Rehabilitation Specialist certification offered by the Pinnacle Training and Consulting Systems is a beautiful addition to any fitness professional’s resume. The course provides detailed information about specific health conditions that thoroughly prepares trainers to work with clients from a variety of backgrounds from spinal injuries, to ligaments tears, to neurodegenerative disorders. The exam assesses the professional on all of the material learned in the certification process and leaves all who take it with confidence and satisfaction!” 

Julia Nadolski, CPRS, CPT

From the very beginning of studying the CPRS Certification, I was able to effectively implement the course material in a practical manner. The course content assisted in solidifying my existing rehabilitation knowledge as well as boosting my knowledge and understanding to a higher level. It is very comprehensive and covers a broad spectrum of rehabilitation and medical , functional fitness, clearly covering what I could help my clients with in confidence and within my scope of practice.  Chris Gellert, CEO of PTCS, Author and Tutor of this course, was always an email away, very helpful and shared his extensive knowledge in a humble and comprehensible manner.  I highly recommend this course and I am glad that it is a qualification that I now have under my belt.

Sharna Fysh S.N.H.S.Dip (Colour Therapy), CPRS



Chris Gellert has created a vastly informative and comprehensive certification course. The text and accompanying videos cover the body of information in a concise manner with in-depth knowledge and rationale. This certification is a must for every trainer who wants to work with post- or pre-rehabilitation clients. I am grateful to have this resource to be able to confidently help my clients. Chris has been great in replying and answering my assorted questions during my time of study.

Jeffrey Blake, BBA, CPRS, CPFT

Managing Partner
Certified Post Rehabilitation Specialist

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Behavior Change Coach

Pinnacle Training & Consulting Systems Post-Rehabilitation Specialist Certification was exactly what I was looking for in my continuing education. Having worked in outpatient physical therapy settings as an Athletic Trainer to performance gym settings as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist,
I found my niche was filling the gap between injury and optimal movement. CPRS could not have more helped me fill that gap anymore than it did. Chris has found a way to distinguish practitioners in our space as truly understanding the post-rehabilitation process. The courses were both practical and applicable to my everyday practice, something that I have found hard to come by in both BOC and NSCA CEU offerings. The testing combined our knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology with evaluation, progressions, and modifications that we see every single day. I am ecstatic I was able to round out 2020 with the CPRS course and a new certification that I am proud to utilize to market myself and further distinguish myself in the health and wellness space. Thank you Chris!


“ I wanted to take this opportunity to thanks, Chris, to introduce the CPRS Certification. My special interest from day one always has been in Rehabilitation which helps me and my client to overcome their pain and aches. Being a strength and conditioning coach I had to look into sports-specific injuries and this course was amazing it covers Almost everything about anatomy to the biomechanics of the human body, the science behind all movement, and so on. This course designed to help personal trainer and conditioning coach to fill up their Knowledge with sports specific injuries, It took me almost 2 months to complete 12 modules.  I thoroughly enjoyed and all contents were provided in the manual really helpful. Highly recommended to all exercise professionals."


Founder and CO 

CSCS, CPT, CES, CFT, MFR 2, McGill method 3 



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