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The Movement Apex: Foundation Meets Application

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Virtual Conference March 18th, 2023

A one-day educational extravaganza for personal trainers and rehab professionals. Designed to educate, inspire, and motivate, while teaching the foundation science and application science behind human movement.

Program Schedule: AGENDA (9 AM-5 PM EST)

9-9:10 AM      Introduction/Welcome to: Movement Apex 
                           With Chris Gellert, PT, and Christine Conti, Med, BA

9:10-10 AM Keynote speaker: Max Gomez

Max Gomez is the owner of AMP’D Fitness, a facility that promotes inclusivity and a sense of belonging for amputees and beyond. At the age of 18, Max was in a severe motocross accident that cost him his right leg. He had to re-learn how to walk and navigate the world with the use of a prosthetic. Today, he takes great pride in building himself back up from the bottom, both mentally and physically, and he now strives to instill this “can-do” mentality into his clients and amputees around the world.

10:05-10:50 AM Brain Exercise/Training by Karli Taylor
Much like physical exercise will help prevent bone and muscle loss that occurs naturally with age, your brain's cognitive abilities can also be preserved through exercise. Learn how both specific cognitive exercises, as well as physical exercises, can help prevent memory loss as well as the onset of degenerative diseases. Leave this session with new tools to improve overall brain health.

10:55-11:40 AM Neuromuscular Training/Biomechanics of Movement By Irv Rubenstein, PhD

This session will provide a FRESH perspective on the study of the mechanics of the human body in static or dynamic postures. Identify the structure, function, and motion of the mechanical aspects of biological systems and learn the connections that exist between the physiological, anatomical, pathological, and neuropsychological principles. Leave this session with a greater understanding of the human body as a third-class lever system and how best to serve your clients.


11:45-12:15 PM Lunch (ZOOM Room Q & A w/Presenters & Sponsors)

12:15-1 PM Injuries and Dysfunction of the Lumbar Spine by Rob Ruffalo, PT, DC

Differential diagnoses of Lumbar and Sacroiliac pain from joint dysfunction and myofascial trigger point approach will be discussed through lecture and demonstration. The mobility and stability model will be discussed as a component of compensation and dysfunction for lumbosacral pain. The F.F.P. (Find it, Fix it, Prevent it) method will be discussed to predict evidence-based outcomes for treatment after an appropriate diagnosis is rendered. Warning signs and Red Flags will be discussed so appropriate referrals can be made within the healthcare system.

1:05-1:50 PM Injuries and Dysfunction of Shoulder by Chris Gellert, PT    
The shoulder is a complicated joint susceptible to injury. Chris will review the functional anatomy, biomechanics, and common muscle imbalances, and identify common shoulder dysfunctions, with specific rehab and post-rehabilitation training guidelines.

1:55-2:40 PM Injuries and Dysfunction of Hip/knee/ankle by Patricia Muse, PT
Hip, knee, and ankle injuries and dysfunctions are quite common, but safe exercise programming is possible with a deeper understanding, application, and modifications. Briefly review the most common hip, knee, and ankle injuries, contraindications to exercise, modification techniques, and when to refer clients for evaluation. Learn how to make movement safe, functional, and challenging. Keep your current clients moving and create opportunities for new clients with hip, knee, and ankle injuries to move well and safely.

2:45-3:30 PM Functional Aging Client: Ageless Training by Leslee Bender

This session offers a blend of specific functional movement patterns based on the planes of motion, gravity, and fascial lines that significantly improve mobility, stability, and balance. Crunches are a thing of the past and detrimental to the spine. If you are looking for cutting-edge training for your active agers, then this course is not one to miss. Utilizing a small ball provides stability to the spine and kinesthetic feedback for alignment.  

3:35-4:20 PM Chronic Disease & Exercise Application by Christine Conti, Med, BA

 In this session, gain a deeper understanding of the signs and symptoms of the most common chronic diseases that affect more than 1 in 4 adults in the United States. Identify safe and effective exercises to improve joint mobility, flexibility, and range of motion. Leave this session with new tools and ideas to effectively communicate with clients who suffer from chronic conditions to help promote greater independence and quality of life.

4:25-5:10 PM Recovery: Mental & Physical Benefits by Gail Bannister
Method infuses the breath and explores fascial stretch therapy, or FST, a type of stretching that targets not only the muscles, but also the fascia and connective tissues that surround the muscles, bones, and joints.

5:10-5:30 PM Call to Action: Specializations in Fitness/Closing Remarks  Chris Gellert, PT, and Christine Conti, Med, BA

Cost: $129.99 with coupon code "APEX" 20% off

Presenter Information

Chris Gellert, PT, MMusc & Sportsphysio, MPT, CSCS, C-IAST, NASM-CPT

Bio: Chris is the CEO of Pinnacle Training & Consulting Systems, LLC, a continuing education and consulting company. Chris uniquely has 21 years of strong clinical experience as a physical therapist and 21 years working as a personal trainer. He has taught seminars and conferences for the past 15 years on a multitude of topics. He has created 17 home study courses on human movement and developed the advanced Certificate in Post Rehabilitation Program(CPRS), which is comprised of 10 home study courses, a live seminar, over 100+ videos, articles, webinars, and a mentoring system. A system that teaches the foundation science, assessments, and application science behind human movement.

Christine Conti, Med, BA

Bio: Christine Conti is a former investment banker, teacher, coach, and mother of two who understands the importance of movement as medicine at the physical and cognitive levels. After a life-changing diagnosis at the age of 30, Christine spent over a decade researching with top doctors, nutritionists, and exercise scientists to learn how to fight the onset and symptoms of chronic diseases through proper diet, exercise, and wellness habits. She is a 3x IRONMAN, podcast host, retreat leader, and keynote speaker.

Gail Bannister

Bio: Gail Bannister is the creator of The Bannister Method, owner of the Bannister Method, and owner of The Bannister Method Training Room in New York. She currently works as a flexibility, yoga, and Pilate’s coach with the NY JETS, and has been a sought-after recovery coach by some of the most famous NBA superstars on the planet. Gail is also an international fitness presenter and educator and has traveled the globe to learn various disciplines, including Thai bodywork.

Leslee Bender, CPT

Bio: Leslee Bender is the recipient of IDEA 2020 Personal Trainer of the Year and has over three decades in the fitness and wellness industry, helping countless clients, athletes, and trainers achieve their goals and passion for life. Leslee is a graduate of the Gray Institute of Applied Functional Science and holds several other credentials. Leslee specializes in pain-free functional training where science meets movement for each program developed. Leslee also is the creator and developer of the Bender Method of core training which allows students to strengthen the core and never compromise their backs. Leslee has a passion for helping all students lead a healthy life!


Max Gomez

Bio: Max Gomez is the owner of AMP’D Fitness, a facility that promotes inclusivity and a sense of belonging for amputees and beyond. At the age of 18, Max was in a severe motocross accident that cost him his right leg. He had to re-learn how to walk and navigate the world with the use of a prosthetic. Today, he takes great pride in building himself back up from the bottom, both mentally and physically, and he now strives to instill this “can-do” mentality into his clients and amputees around the world.

Patricia Muse, PT

Bio: Trish Muse is a physical therapist at, National Strength, and Conditioning Association, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Wellness Coach, and Polestar Pilates practitioner in the Washington, DC, area. Featured in several consumer magazines and professional publications, including a peer-reviewed article and exercise videos as a fitness consultant and star, 'she is well qualified for multi-media assignments. Additionally, Trish is an experienced continuing education provider for both fitness and rehabilitation professionals.



Rob Ruffalo, PT, DC

Bio: Founder, President, and Lead Instructor of CESI Continuing Education Seminars Incorporated, which aims to teach hands-on courses that healthcare professionals can immediately utilized in a clinical setting. A nationally known speaker, consultant, and clinical educator, Dr. Ruffalo is a physical therapist (PT), doctor of chiropractic (DC), and is also a certified golf fitness instructor/medical professional, Level 3 by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI CGFI-MP3), and a TPI Junior Level 2 Coach (JR2).


Irv Rubenstein, PhD

Bio: Irv Rubenstein has a Ph.D. in exercise physiology and is the co-founder of STEPS (Scientific Training and Exercise Prescription Specialists) Fitness in Nashville, Tennessee. He is an international speaker and a course author, and he has contributed to companies such as: ACE, MedFit Network, FAI, the Middle Tennessee Arthritis Foundation, and more. He recently co-authored the Orthopedic Fitness Specialist Course for MedFit Classroom.

Karli Taylor
Bio: Karli Taylor is an award-winning international fitness presenter and educator specializing in behavior change and the creator of the world-renowned BarreFlow™ program. She has spent over twenty years as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Behavioral Coach, Master Trainer, keynote speaker, and author. Karli sits on the education advisory board for the MedFit Network and is the MFN Eating Disorder Course co-author for fitness professionals.

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