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Consulting Services


Fitness and Gym Consulting

PTCS offers consulting for gyms, health clubs, boutique or wellness facilities that is personalized. PTCS first will look at a facilities personal training team/staff and closely examine the training, credentials, education and expertise of the staff. Having a knowledgeable and well trained personal
training staff is
paramount for the success of any fitness company. Delivering the highest quality personal training and instruction, ensures that the customer knows the staff and what they can really offer to potential clients. Specialization training particularly in post rehabilitation, corrective exercise, and special populations indicates that a personal trainer has gone above the entry level or average personal trainer. Then after identifying the educational gaps or voids within a facility, PTCS provides a complete system or customized educational training. This evidenced based educational training is in the form of home study courses, live seminars and advanced certifications that teaches the foundation science, functional assessments
and application science behind human movement and post rehabilitation training.

Physical Therapy Consulting

PTCS offers a wide range of consulting for physical therapists. The first service includes educational consulting. PTCS can show practice owners or
those physical therapists who have earned or pursued  specialization, how to take this advanced knowledge and skill and create a home study course.
Creating a home study course, which consists of videos and written material, is an excellent passive residual income stream. How do you do it?
PTCS will educate you on all of the steps, from how to organize, to getting a course approved, to marketing the course to the desired target market.
Let PTCS show you the way!

Second, PTCS offers physical therapy business consulting services to companies/businesses. Consulting that assesses a company's present situation, product, price, and goals. Whereby creating customized recommendations that improve visibility, enhance their product, increase sales and most of all, improve the bottom line!

Third, PTCS offers ergonomic consulting. Ergonomic consulting is  for both manufacturing  and non-manufacturing companies showing how to examine and reduce work related musculoskeletal disorders(WMSDs). Which in turn will save the company money, time and reduce injuries. Ergonomic consulting is also an excellent service for dentists. Examining a dentist's static and dynamic posture, how they make molds, treat and clean a patient's mouth all can identify repetitive strains. After a thorough analysis, PTCS creates a detailed written report identifying repetitive stressors, and areas that need to be addressed with specific customized recommendations. The recommendations can include but are not limited to stretching, adjusting seat heigth, back to school educational programs as well as functional/core strengthening exercises.


PTCS offers consulting services that include ergonomic analysis, education, and training. Our consulting services analyze and pinpoint current or potential trouble spots. Whereby identifying the gaps between where you are and where you need to be. We create a plan to make your business more efficient, productive, and profitable, whereby offering a comprehensive solution that fits your needs.

Ergonomics is the study of the relationship between a person and how they perform their work in a particular environment (ie. office, industrial setting, etc). In essence, performing a task that biomechanically fits your body, whereby avoiding uncompromised positions, repetitive stress, vibrations, and forces on the body that can lead to a potential injury. Ergonomics includes the analysis of workstations, tools, equipment, and job tasks as they relate to the individual performing that specific task. Effective ergonomics involves the scientific and functional analysis of a specific workplace or setting and the implementation or modifications in the tools, equipment used, and means to minimize stress on the body. In essence, performing a task done biomechanically correct, that is performed correctly, safely, and uses the least amount of energy.

Our ergonomic services include a comprehensive assessment, analysis, 

strategic plan and follow-up.

On-Site Ergonomic Workstation Evaluations
PTCS will meet privately with each individual to assess an individual's workstation, 

collecting data. This includes assessing their work tasks, habits, posture alignment, 
sustained and repetitive movement patterns, rest periods, equipment adjustability, 
lumbar support, arm and wrist support, and red flags that can contribute to work-related

musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD’s), according to OSHA. Devise a 
comprehensive solution, that includes a brief write-up and physical training. 
This approach teaches the client proper posture, effective, simple daily stretches, 
integrates wellness and exercise, and other effective means, to improve efficiency thereby reducing the potential for injury.

Industrial On-Site Ergonomic Evaluations

Each position comes with its own set of physical requirements and demands. PTCS comes on-site to perform a thorough job demand analysis. The job demand analysis provides valuable information with respect to the optimal way to perform a task, using the least amount of energy. To learn what repetitive stressors are and how to avoid them. PTCS explains the ‘why’ behind normal vs. abnormal movement, teaches how movement dysfunctions occur, and effective strategies to help correct and prevent future injuries.

PTCS analyzes the injury risk of each position based on validated standardized risk assessment tools created by the Occupational Safety Health Administration(OSHA). In addition, functional assessment tools are used to reinforce the science behind the movement, prioritizing risk and develop solutions that effectively reduce injuries, improve productivity and quality of work.


PTCS develops a comprehensive plan that includes identifying strengths and most importantly, areas that need to be improved and addressed. These areas that need to be improved or addressed are contributing factors for an employee that potentially can develop into a repetitive strain injury (RSI) or work-related musculoskeletal disorder (WMSD’s). Both of these types of injuries have been shown to contribute to employee injury, lost days of work, increased workers' compensation costs and decreased productivity.


Education is the cornerstone behind ergonomics and is the critical starting point for change. PTCS provides a comprehensive plan, which includes not only education, but a modification of work or technique, teaching proper body and lifting mechanics, and other additional key elements. These include effective stretches, suggested exercises for strengthening, core and functional strengthening. This organic approach helps the client and the “whole person."

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