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We are a progressive educational and consulting company, that is committed with a strong vision and mission in providing the highest evidenced-based information with the practical application for personal trainers on Human Movement.



PTCS was created in 2003 with a focal purpose of providing and delivering the highest quality of scientific and evidence-based continuing education material. This material is delivered in the form of online and home study courses, live seminars, advanced certifications, articles, videos, exercise and video library and a mentoring system for all fitness and allied health professionals.



Becoming the most dynamic continuing education company, whereby offering the most comprehensive and dynamic continuing education material, which in turn educates, challenges, and enhances one fitness and allied health professionals at a time.



Our team is made up of individuals who possess similar values and beliefs, qualifications, training and dynamic experience compliment the owner, where we work as a team to support one another and achieve our goals the Values Integrity, superior customer service, and passion, all drive our purpose as we continually improve and remain committed to excellence. To foster growth whereby hiring.


Offering CEUs to personal trainers, physical therapists, massage therapists via LIVE SEMINARS and ONLINE COURSES.


We also offer a LIBRARY OF EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS for purchase. 


At PTCS we have devoted:

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