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Professional Resources

We offer a wide network of reputable

resources within our industry :




  • Fitness Conferences

  • Articles

  • Exercise Library 

  • Mentorships 

  • YouTube Videos

  • Consulting

This is a large industry with incredible amounts of resources. Please take advantage of our links. If you have any questions please Contact Us. PTCS is here to answer your queries. 

Partner Websites:

PTCS offers resources that consist of phone and email support for customers and members. Resources also include the actual home study courses, articles, webinars, supplementary videos, and live seminars will all teach you the foundation science, functional assessments and application science behind human movement,.

PTCS provides home study courses, articles, webinars, over 100 videos, advanced certifications, live seminars, and mentoring. Teaching you the movement and exercise professional how the body works from the inside out synergistically.

Providing these resources will both teach and challenge you, stimulate your thinking, elevating
your understanding of how the body works. Enabling you to work with any client despite their injuries, and
movement dysfunction they are experiencing.

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