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Rehabilitation Specialist as it relates to Post Rehabilitation Training. To interpret the role of the CPRS as it relates to Post Rehabilitation Training, and interpret the foundation of marketing. Be able to compare the difference between marketing and public relations as it relates to both fitness professionals and post-rehabilitation specialists. Interpret realistic opportunities and earning potential for the Post Rehabilitation Specialist. Distinguish how to market, promote, and utilize the advanced training and skillset as a CPRS.


Course outline:

Chapter 1: Scope of Practice Chapter 2: The Rehab Triangle Chapter 3: Foundation of Marketing 
Chapter 4: Marketing as a CPRS  Practitioner

Practice examination


CEU Information

ACE 3.5 CEUs for all 10 courses


NASM 1.9 CEUs for all 10 courses

NATA-BOC 12 CEUs for all 10 courses

NCEP 2.0 for each course

NFPT .4 for each course

NSCA 1.9 for all 10 courses

NSPA .2 for each course

Scope of Practice of CPRS and Marketing Post Rehabilitative Service

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