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The course was designed to teach the student how to interpret the fundamental concepts of mobility and stability as it relates to how the ankle, knee, hip, and lumbar spine move. To differentiate among an open-chain movement and a closed chain movement providing one example of each. To distinguish the difference between a mobilizer and stabilizer muscle while providing one example of each. Finally, to analyze the different parts of the kinetic chain during both static and dynamic movements.


Course outline:

Chapter 1: Understanding the Kinetic Chain

Chapter 2: Chain Reaction

Chapter 3: Mobility and Stability

Chapter 4: Understanding Muscle Function

Chapter 5: Assessing Kinetic Chain Dysfunction

Practice examination

CEU Information

ACE 3.5 CEUs for all 10 courses


NASM 1.9 CEUs for all 10 courses

NATA-BOC 12 CEUs for all 10 courses

NCEP 2.0 for each course

NFPT .4 for each course

NSCA 1.9 for all 10 courses

NSPA .2 for each course

Understanding the Kinetic Chain

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