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To earn your respective CEU:

If you would like to earn CEUs for your home study course purchased, you must take an online examination for the respective home study course purchased or take a comprehensive 125 multiple-choice question examination, that covers all five home study courses.
Please follow the steps below which clarifies accordingly.


PTCS has created six examinations, which includes one comprehensive examination(tests all five-course material) and five separate examinations for each of our home study courses. Each examination tests your comprehension of the material covered for the respective course or on all five courses respectively. No outside material is included in the examinations accordingly.


Each home study course requires the student to take a 30 multiple-choice examination, that lasts 60 minutes. Which tests the readers' comprehension of the material studied for the respective home study course. A score of 75% or better is required to pass. PTCS will immediately send via email your CEU certificate for your records.


For those who want to become certified as an advanced training specialist(ATS), you must complete all five units and take a 125 multiple-choice comprehensive examination in a three-hour window, and earn a score of 75% or better. 

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