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Take your training to the next level with Pinnacle Training & Consulting Systems Advanced Training Specialist (ATS) Certification. Designed for personal trainers, physical therapy assistants and athletic trainers.

Instructor: Chris Gellert, PT, MMusc & Sportsphysio, CSCS, C-IASTM


  • First Course: Understanding the Essence of Human Movement: How we are hardwired to move
  • Second Course: Human Movement Assessment/Movement Analysis
  • Third Course: Integrative Training: Understanding the Fundamental Elements of Training
  • Fourth Course: Program Design & Periodization Training
  • Fifth Course: Common Movement Dysfunctions of the Orthopedic, Neuromuscular, Cardiopulmonary and Cardiovascular and Special Populations

The advanced training specialist, provides fitness professionals with the knowledge, skillset and confidence to understand human movement at a deeper level in becoming an advanced personal trainer. This 100% online course provides a deeper and clear understanding of how human movement occurs, by teaching you and applying the concepts of functional anatomy, biomechanical principles and biomechanics behind daily & sport specific movements. Learn simple functional assessments, the findings, recognizing normal vs. abnormal movement patterns and training strategies for the entire body. Gain a clearer understanding of the essential integrative training components, and truly understand the foundation of periodization training, and recognize and understand comprehensively about how common movement dysfunctions occur, all based on evidenced based research with practical application. 



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