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Pinnacle Training & Consulting Systems(PTCS) has created a level 2 or Applied Movement Specialist Certification. This comprehensive 

higher level advanced education training will go into more depth from the online course material that you experienced from level 1.
We will practice the applied science material, interact, and discuss the concepts learned from level 1(ATS) into greater depth.You will have access to over 75 videos and other visual material as well as discuss individual client and case studies, which will make you think deeper, be challenged and groom you to truly become the best you can be in helping your clients.


Outside internships are available but optional, at an additional cost, that will provide invaluable experience, practice, and opportunities to interact with experienced well-educated AMS instructors. Please email chris at for more information.


What is an Applied Movement Specialist? An applied movement specialist, is an advanced fitness professional who truly understands the functional anatomy and biomechanics behind both everyday and sport movement. An AMS completely understands the joint mechanics, connective tissue and muscles required with movement and has a solid understanding of biomechanical analysis of prime movements, such as; squat, lunge, diagonal forward and reverse lunge, recognizing normal vs. abnormal movement patterns. Understands how to assess, correct and apply this knowledge with research, to design effective programs based on the principles of Periodization Training and Tudor Bompa. Understands the weak links in the body and common movement dysfunctions affecting the neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary and special populations. An AMS understands the foundation science, assessments and application science behind human movement. Therefore, is truly an advanced fitness professional who can work with any client helping them achieve optimal health and fitness goals safely. 

LEVEL 2: Applied Movement Specialist(AMS) Certification

  • Here are some of the benefits that past students have gained from taking the AMS Certification:

    • Gain a complete understanding of human movement, understanding proficiently the foundation science, functional assessments and application science behind human movement
    • Be recognized as an expert in the fitness industry for truly understanding human movement, assessment and dysfunctions
    • Be able to market yourself to physical therapists, physicians, chiropractors and other health care providers. This Increased knowledge will increase your skillet, leading to increased retention and referrals. Enabling you to stand out from other trainers as leaders in the industry with advanced credentials and expertise. Resulting in new opportunities, growth and exponential potential.
    • Gain advanced cognitive and psychomotor skills that make a meaningful difference in the lives of your clients
    • Listing on the online searchable website of Pinnacle Training & Consulting Systems
    • Gain access to continual new articles, videos and other learning material
    • Improve your earning potential enabling you to work with a larger, more specialized types of clients
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