Understanding the Essence of Human Movement Home Study Course


This is a home study course about human movement. The human body is a complicated

machine. With several parts that directly and indirectly affecting one another. Learn about

the fundamental parts of the muscular, skeletal and neuromuscular systems and how

they synergistically affect one another.  This foundation course will teach you the foundation

science, and prepare you to understand how to perform a movement assessment. This

dynamic course is part of Advanced Training Specialist(ATS) certification created by PTCS. 

PTCS will send you the course electronically and is available for immediate download

after purchase.

*Note you have 6 months to complete the course and all examination costs are included 
Essence of Human Movement is approved for the following CEU/CEC’s:

CFES 3.0
HFPA 20 CPD points for all five courses

IHFA 1.0
ISSA 1.0
NAFC .4 (2.0 for all five courses)
NFPT .75


PTA Global 4 CECs
WFA    .5 or 2.5 for all five courses
Course Content:
The course begins with introducing skeletal anatomy and functional anatomy, painting a ‘picture’ about the components of the skeletal system. The next section simplifies biomechanics and how biomechanically we move. Illustrations and extensive discussion provide a deeper understanding on the functional anatomy required to perform daily and sport specific movement. Next, evidenced based research is introduced to provide insight on the body’s ‘weak links.’ Lastly, the various systems of the body and their interaction with one another to produce movement are extensively discussed. 
Course Materials:
This package with online test includes a 149-page manual and 25-page workbook in PDF format. Included within the course and workbook are two practice examinations testing the reader’s comprehension of the material. Note: This course package is made available for immediate download after purchase. All materials for this course are received electronically. 

Course Objectives:
1. Identify the primary bones, joints, muscles and connective tissue in the upper and lower body that are involved with movement.

2. Identify the four primary rotator cuff muscles and identify the primary functional anatomy behind daily movements such as sit to stand, getting dressed, reaching, walking, etc. providing clarity on how the movement is supposed to occur vs. dysfunction.

3. Identify the primary functional anatomy and muscles behind the movement in sport specific movements such as swimming, tennis, volleyball and other sports providing clarity on how the movement is supposed to occur vs. dysfunction.
4. Be able to perform a biomechanical analysis of every day movements as well as common sport movements.

5. Identify the areas that have been shown both in science and evidenced based research that break down and are injured called “the weak links” of the human kinematic chain.
6. Be able to perform common functional assessment tests of each body part supported with research.
7. Understand and learn about the fundamentals of biomechanics, biomechanics of movement, biomechanical principles, biomechanics of various structures & tissues including; connective tissue, tendons and bones.
8. Understand how all systems of the body interact and affect one another. 
Course Outline:
Section 1: Skeletal anatomy
Section 2: Functional biomechanics and biomechanics of human movement
Section 3: Human Movement terminology
Section 4: Functional anatomy to perform daily and sport specific movements
Section 5: Understanding the weak links in the human kinetic chain
Section 6: Integration of body systems
Section 7: Pharmacology, side effects and effects on exercise

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