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 Foundation of Periodization Training and Program Design Home Study Course



Periodization training. A core training principle all fitness professionals should understand.
The fundamental principles of periodization training and program design are extensively reviewed. Understand the methodology behind periodization training and the periodization-training guru,

Tudor Bompa, PhD. You will learn how to assess speed, agility and power and how to

improve all of these through scientific training as well as improve a sport specific client.
Over 15 common sports are reviewed
extensively with sample micro cycle, meso cycle and

macro cycle programs. Gain a deeper understanding about sport specific training including

assessments, training methods and designing effective training programs. This dynamic course

is part of Advanced Training Specialist(ATS) certification created by PTCS.

This course will provide an in-depth understanding about the essence of Periodization principles
and program design. It will clarify, challenge you to think as well as reinforce the reasoning
behind s
cientific, evidenced based programming,that has practical application. For example,
beginner and advanced sport specific training programs for baseball, basketball, football, soccer
and others will be extensively covered with its scientific rationale. Sample microcycle, mesocycle and macrocycle programs will also be thoroughly discussed with numerous pictures and illustrations.

This course is offered to you in a distance-learning format providing advanced
continuing education to personal trainers. At the end of the course, there is a
practice examination that tests your comprehension of the material. Accompanying
the course is a study workbook, that provides you with the ability to enhance your
learning through the use  with another practice examination. The workbook also
simplifies this very detailed information even further. PTCS will send you the course
electronically and is available for immediate download after purchase.

*Note you have 6 months to complete the course and all examination costs are included

Foundation of Periodization Training & Program Designis approved for the following CEU/CEC’s: 

  • BCRPA 3.0 
  • CFES 3.0 CEC’s 
  • HFPA 20 CPD points for all five courses
  • IHFA 1.0
  • ISSA 1.0 
  • NAFC 2.0 for all five courses
  • NASM .5 
  • NCCPT .4 
  • NFPT .5
  • NSCA(CPT, CSCS) .6 
  • NSPA 3 CEUs
  • PTA Global 5 CECs
  • WFA  .5 or 2.5 for completion of all five courses
  • WITS 4 CEU's

Course Overview:

The course begins with providing key definitions as they pertain to movement. The foundation of therapeutic exercise is extensively discussed. Next, the principles of periodization training and program design are extensively reviewed accompanied by illustrations, and analysis of common sport programming. Lastly, the foundation of sport specific training including assessments, training methods and designing effective training programs are discussed. In sum, this is an ideal resource for personal trainers who truly want to understand the science behind the movement and the wish to work effectively with any client.

Course Materials: 

This course includes a 128-page manual and 20-page workbook in PDF format. Included within the course and workbook are two practice examinations testing the reader’s comprehension of the material. Note: This course package is made available for immediate download after purchase. All materials for this course are received electronically. Nothing is mailed.

Course Objectives: 

1. Understand the principles and procedures of therapeutic exercise and program design.

2. Be able to Identify appropriate exercises for your client based on medical history, prior level of function, fitness testing and personal goals.
2. Understand the foundation behind periodization training and how these principles apply to all clients’ and be able to design sample microcycle, mesocycle, macrocycle or individualized programs for clients.
3. Understand foundation of sport specific training, including agility, power and speed. Be able to perform common agility, power and speed tests proficiently with appropriate clients.
4. Understand the energy systems, movement analysis and be able to identify the functional anatomy behind common daily and sport movements, providing an understanding of the muscles and joints involved with movement.
5. Identify new training techniques with sport specific clients’ based on the latest evidenced based research.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Definitions
Section 2: Foundation of therapeutic exercise
Section 3: Essence of Periodization Training and Program Design
Section 4: Sport Specific Training

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Earning your CEU’s: 

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