Pinnacle Training & Consulting Systems

P TCS Executive Team  

 Chris Gellert, CEO

Chris began his career in Business early on with sights set on owning his own Advertising firm. Suffering a low back
injury changed his life forever. Physical therapy not only solved the problem, but as a result, chris was empowered, focused and determined to become a physiotherapist. After working as a waiter, physical therapy aide, becoming
certified as a personal trainer and taking all the mandatory prerequisites for physiotherapy, he was accepted,

and completed the rigorous training all physiotherapists have to undergo.

Chris initially received his Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from SUNY Plattsburgh, then his Master's Degree(MPT) in Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern University and finally received his advanced Master's Degree in Musculoskeletal & Sportsphysiotherapy from the University of South Australia(equivalent to a U.S. Residency). He earned his initial personal training certification in 1996, became a Periodization Planning Specialist(PPS) and Strength Conditioning Expert(SCE) through Tudor Bompa, Phd in 2001 and 2002 respectively. He also earned the prestigious C.S.C.S. credential through the National Strength and Conditioning Association in 2002.

Chris has been a practicing physical therapist for 16 years with a strong clinical background in orthopedics, sports injuries and spinal dysfunctions. He has been a personal trainer for 20 years and an international fitness presenter for 11 years. With a desire to pursue the highest level of training, he will be pursuing a Fellowship in Orthopedics and Manual Therapy in 2017. Chris is presently studying ACSM's Cancer Exercise Trainer(CET) Certification and Cooper Institute Certification. Chris is also pursuing to become a C.O.M.T.(Maitland), become vestibular trained(V.R.T.) and additional specializations.

PTCS is presently developing a team of health and fitness professionals who possess advanced training, credentials, diverse experience and skillset, who will be teaching our three tier continuing education platform.