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Continuing Education With PTCS

PTCS offers integrated advanced continuing education courses that are evidenced based with practical application. Designed to enhance your knowledge, stimulate your thinking, challenge you and to teach you the science behind human movement.  We have developed a complete educational learning system that includes home study courses, E-learning courses, mini books, articles, live seminars, advanced certifications and a mentoring system. Designed to teach the foundation science, functional assessments, and the application science behind human movement.

Home Study Courses on Human Movement

Pinnacle Training & Consulting Systems (PTCS) Home Study Courses are designed
for personal trainers, physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, yoga instructors, and
massage therapists who are ready to take their careers to the next level. These five individual home study courses,
teach the foundation science, functional assessments and application science
behind human movement. These courses are 
and utilize evidenced based research, simplifying, while filling in the gaps where other continuing education courses are missing.

These five individual home study courses  were developed to teach how human movement occurs from the inside out, biomechanically and synergistically. Understand the foundation science, learn functional assessments, and be able to apply the science with your clients. You will learn the functional anatomy, foundation of biomechanics and biomechanics behind daily & sport specific movements. Gain insight and deeper understanding behind integrative training components. Learn the foundation of periodization training, be able to understand program design, and apply these principles while learning and reviewing sample training programs with rationale for common
sports. Learn about common dysfunctions of the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder and spine and other movement dysfunctions of the orthopedic, neuromuscular, cardiopulmonary and special populations. Most importantly, how to train or modify exercise programs all based on evidenced based research with practical application.

Each course can be purchased separately or all five courses can be purchased together towards either our advanced training specialist (ATS) or applied movement specialist (AMS) certification. Each course is offered in a distance-learning format providing advanced continuing education. Each course is available for immediate download after purchase and is accompanied by a course manual and study workbook.

Five Home Study Courses  Explained

E-Learning Courses

Human Movement Matrix: Shoulder

Course Description:

Theshoulder is one of the most vulnerable joints in the body due to its vast range of motion and complexity. This course is developed to assist the health fitness professional with a deeper understanding of the functional anatomy, mechanics and assessment of the shoulder. The goal is to provide a helpful understanding of the applied science, common dysfunctions encountered, typical medical management and evidenced based research to help you directly apply this information to your clients. Improve your knowledge and skills, gaining a competitive edge by successfully working with clients who have shoulder dysfunctions.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Describe five aspects of anatomy of the human body including four types of connective tissue, properties of skeletal muscle, properties of cartilage, properties of joints, and properties of bone.
  • Discuss the anatomy of the shoulder including four joints and twelve muscles.
  • Explain and understand the shoulder biomechanics including scapulohumeral rthym and the sox movements of the shoulder.
  • Identify seven common daily movements involving the shoulder.

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Advanced Certifications

PTCS has created two advanced certifications. The Advanced Training Specialist(ATS) and the Applied Movement Specialist(AMS).The Advanced training specialist and Applied movement specialist certifications, were created to stress the importance of understanding the foundation science, functional assessments and application science behind how the body moves! This holistic, integrated approach to training and conditioning ensures optimal results, further enhancing your earning potential.To learn more about the Pinnacle's Advanced Training Certifications, click on any of the programs below that interest you!

Advanced Training Specialist (ATS) Certification- Level 1

Applied Movement Specialist (AMS) Certification- Level 2