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Professional Biography - Chris Gellert, PT, MMusc & Sportsphysio, MPT, CSCS    

Professional Biography
Chris is uniquely both a practicing physiotherapis(physical therapist), personal trainer and a passionate educator for over 11 years. Chris earned his B.S. degree in Marketing in 1992, then after suffering a low back injuries, changed careers and pursued becoming a physiotherapist in 1997. He earned his first Master's degree in physical therapy in 1999 and then in 2011, attended and completed his Advanced Master's of Musculoskeltal & Sportsphysiotherapy from the University of South Australia in 2012.  A progressive program that's core foundation is based on the Maitland Concept,  that also encompasses the extensive works of Sahrman, Butler, Moseley, Diane Lee, Mulligan, Mark Jones, and many other experts. This program
encompassed clinical reasoning, chronic pain, advanced assessment and treatment skills, advanced sports injuries assessment and management techniques, all based on EBP and clinical reasoning.

Chris founded PTCS in 2003, with a distinct vision and mission. To create and offer a comprehensive and dynamic continuing educational learning platform for personal trainers. This system includes home study courses, live seminars, videos, articles and Elearning courses, that teaches the foundation science, functional assessments and application science behind human movement.

Chris has teaching experience at all levels. Chris taught at the University level,  presents internationally at multiple fitness conferences, and continues to teach seminars on human movement, movement dysfunctions,manual therapy, lumbopelvic stabilization training and exercise integration for personal trainers, massage therapists, physical therapists, physical
therapy assistants and yoga instructors for over 11 years.
Additionally, Chris has developed four live seminar courses, fifteen home study courses and created three advanced personal training certifications. Chris consults with a wide variety of organizations and individuals including dentists, health clubs, fitness equipment manufacturing companies and world


• Pursuing a Fellowship in Orthopedics and Manual Therapy in 2018.

• Master’s of Musculoskeletal & Sports Physiotherapy from University of South Australia
   (Advanced Master’s Degree equivalent to U.S. Residency)

• Master’s Degree of Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern University

• Bachelor’s Degree In Marketing from State University of New York College at Plattsburgh

Presently pursuing ACSM's Cancer Exercise Trainer (CET) Certification and Cooper Institute

Presently pursuing C.O.M.T Manual Therapy Certification(Maitland), Vertigo Certification, and other
 advanced training

• Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist(C.E.A.S.)through Back School of Atlanta (2003)

• Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist(C.S.C.S.) through N.S.C.A. (2002)

• Strength & Conditioning Expert(S.C.E.) through Tudor Bompa, Phd (2002)

• Periodization Planing Specialist(P.P.S.) through Tudor Bompa, Phd (2002)
• Personal Trainer (1996)

Presentation Experience

International Fitness Presenter at multiple fitness conferences which include:
Canfit pro (2014)
CFES (2010)
Club Industry (2005, 2006)

ECA (2010, 2012)

IAHF (India 2015)
IDEA (2005, 2008, 2012, 2015, 2016)
Fitness Fest (2015)
NEHRSA conference(2014)
NSCA’s National Conferences (2004)
SCW (2014)
TSI Summit (2008)

Continuing Education Provider

• Writes dynamic, evidenced based with practical application articles for CFES(Canada), Fitness Trainer Magazine(USA), HFPA(South Africa), and WITS.

Continuing Education Provider for ACE, AFLCA, AFAA, CanfitPRO, CPTN, Fitness Australia, Kinect Australia, NASM, NSCA, NCSF, NFPT and WITS

• Previously on the Editorial Advisory Board for Today in PT magazine

Course Development: Evidenced Based
Developing a two-day seminar on human movement, movement dysfunctions of entire body, common surgeries, myofascial release techniques, and stretching for massage therapists.

Developed five home study courses that examines the foundation science, functional assessments and application science behind human movement forpersonal trainers.
Developed both a one-day and a two-day applications seminar for personal trainers that teaches the foundation science, functional assessments and application science. In other words, 'teaching the science behind the movement'.

Created both a one-day and a two-day seminar on manual therapy, lumbopelvic stabilization training and exercise for both physical therapists and physical therapy assistants.

.Creator of five dynamic evidenced based elearning courses on the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder and spine that examine the anatomy, functional anatomy, biomechanics of movement and analysis of movement, weak links, functional assessments and evidenced based training for common movement dysfunctions.

Created three DVDs on human movement, and has created over 150+ short videos on human movement

• He has also written for IDEA Fitness Journal, Men’s Fitness, Physical Therapy Advance magazine, and other health publications.

• One unique quality is that he is both a practicing physical therapist and personal trainer.

Chris is also uniquely an experienced personal trainer with a strong clinical and functional approach with each client he trains. He has trained clients from age 12 through 75 years of age in NY, Florida, Illinois, California, Maryland and Massachusetts. His expertise is in pre/post rehabilitation, core strengthening, sports specific training, and high-risk population training.